Our missions

In the heart of Paris, an institution of note for social sciences and humanities

Founded in 1963 by Fernand Braudel in Paris, the Foundation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH) supports research and knowledge dissemination in social sciences and humanities.

Recognized as promoting the public interest, the Foundation fosters innovative research, encourages the interdisciplinary dialogue and promote the circulation of researchers and knowledges.

For over 50 years, the FMSH is building an important network of national and international partners in order to promote on a global scale the study of humanities and social sciences.

Two priority areas for action

  • Support for research from an international perspective
  • Dissemination of knowledges


Three levels for intervention

The Foundation aims to stimulate new dynamics for the Humanities and social sciences, both on a local, national and international scales with the major players of the social sciences and humanities research.

Local scale: the Foundation is progressively strenghthening its cooperation with the partners of the COMUe, of the Campus Condorcet and of Sorbonne Alliances.

National scale: the Foundation provides ongoing supports to national research facilities (Huma-Num, Progedo, RnMSH) and to broadcasting platforms (Canal-U, Numédif)

International scale: the Foundation develops scientific cooperation programs and implements an inbound and outbound mobility policy





Activity report

Looking back at 2020
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