Academic Emergency Fund for Ukraine

Support researchers affected by the war in Ukraine

Since the early days of the conflict, many scientists have had to flee their countries to find refuge in safer places or have been forced to stop their research activities because of its consequences: destruction of infrastructures and laboratories, stopping funding for research, mobilizing people on the front lines, political pressure, etc. 

Faced with this exceptional situation, the FMSH mobilizes and organizes a fundraising campaign. The funds raised contribute to an emergency fund that makes it possible to welcome quickly and in good conditions scientists in the humanities and social sciences, of all nationalities, who cannot freely continue their work.

What is your donation for ?

Thanks to your generosity, this academic emergency fund supports researchers in social sciences and humanities who are:

  • already in France and unable to return to their country

  • seeking refuge in France.

The fundings collected under the Ukraine Academic Emergency Fund makes it possible to propose and finance:

  • Stays of 2 to 6 months allowing a shelter out of the conflict;

  • Housing assistance in metropolitan France for the installation of researchers and their families, if necessary;

  • Administrative support on arrival in France;

  • Support for academic integration in a research institution in order to continue their work

How to give ?

 - Online on our platform :

 - By cheque: payable to “FMSH Support Ukraine” with completed donation form

 - By bank transfer: upon request of the Foundation’s Bank Account details with the completed donation form by e-mail to

The support of the FMSH allowed me to continue my research work in complete security for myself and my family, far from the war in Ukraine. In addition to the financial support, we were welcomed and accompanied in all our endeavors. This is also an important human support

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