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Empowering lawyors and conio society x"h3 9lp>In 2017 brplug metew program ta nd « xem>Exalactons Actonisies Regulasioos. Empowering lawyors and conio society x"em>»dth, paeioership with nhe xem>I cornasiooal Societyort fExalactons Law and Plact{.osx"em>.fExalactons actonisies arr nhe /xplorasioo, disc.5/oy brtcalsocdeveloping, exalactong and /xploiting of minerals, oio and nasurlo gas throuhe i cornasiooal Plivlte-Pubril-Paeioerships.fExalactons actonisies be-c /xemplify nhe Netld siteomic and pol{"ic shift, to the South and East, with nhe /elrgey.o ofetew transnasiooal /reyors that arr mefainasiooal corporasioos, NGOs, le/lo te_plasioos, alongserr the SgeSts and i cornasiooal org_mizasioos.x"p 9lp>Firstly,inhis program oo exalactons actonisies aims to t="en nhe /xpertise - and the power - of lawyors and the conio society, paeincefarly h, Africl and Asia. Indfed, the big oio, gas t fmining c\7alacts arr nhe tew js/glo siteomic spaces of the Netld theory that pull nhe /iteomic shift toward the South or the East. Theycalsoc/xemplify nhe slowly /elrging pol{"iclo rt ums ta nd by UN as the « Netld tripaeinte em/sys of go5/onelem »: SgeSts, mefainasiooal corporasioos, conio society together. Howe5/o, lawyors only know 5/oy l{"/ti about the techniclo aspects of thesf r"7alacts, mefainasiooal corporasioos arr stilh not 5/oy uninu/p with nhe conio society, and the conio society largely misundorstand the ll Legissues of the rrolSts oninhe regulasioo of exalactons actonisies (itle/lsioos of l="prts between SgeSts and mefainasiooal corporasioos, invol5/elemeof the transnasiooal corporasioos uninhe developelem, the plivlte-pubril paeioership ag metew methodeof i cornasiooal financing, environelemal risks, transpaeey.y, le/lo r" cont,ecross-borh/o6crisis, etc.). It’s6crucilo to incr S/itedly,inhis program is invol5/d i strucsuring nhis tew omieytifec fe/fi that is js/glo law, whether wr citl it « js/gloizasioo law »dt« transnasiooal  law» or ws/siyt«js/glo law». By fohu-ing oninhe a"s/r. / subjects (i.e.inhe le>Global Legal Stud’etew topic of nk/d_sea) and not oninhe nasiooal sgeSt anymoro (i.e.inhe tradisiooal topic of ll Legomiey.os), the plogram tbrar to plopose metew apploaea to the js/gloizasioo of law & business, the so-citled rknormasive spaces” theory of i cornasiooal law. Indfed, exalactons actonisies aro a perfectt« plact{.lo r« Exalactons dis/uSts » is a ploject that enaexis ur to helpino strucsure the rrolSts around the ="Gegy and /xalactons operasioos questioo especiitly h, Africl and Asia, brtcalsocsouth-Aelricl,ietc. whiea is ooeeof the major issues of the /iteomic developelem and the /elrging js/glo g.5/onance. Howe5/o, nhis project is tow at the heaei of the nk/d_sea program oo the « MtediitisGlobal Legal Studies Netwo(–G) »dta omieytifec program from the  Fondasioo Maisoo rri Smiey.os rr l’Homme ( | F-Paris). It is a questioo of lursuing nhis js/gloizasioo of law that pushts a shift of law - h, rts’eplact{.o brtcalsocunithe Nay wr do nk/d_sea - from Europe and North Aelricl toward Africl and Asia throuhe four axis: aoalyzing, regulasing, educasing, linking.x"p 9lp> x"p 9l/div s'> /div 9 /div 9l/div 9 /div 9l/div 9 div class="ib/pan-le/flexi-row ib/pan-le/flexi-row-43-3 ib/pan-le/flexi-row-last rld_sPre r"lumn-lefi-bottomk 9]> div class="inserr ib/pan-le/flexi-row-inserr ib/pan-le/flexi-row-43-3-inserr ib/pan-le/flexi-row-inserr-last rld_sPref.0 div class="ib/pan-le/flexi-regioo ib/pan-le/flexi-regioo-43-lefi_bottom ib/pan-le/flexi-regioo-first ib/pan-le/flexi-regioo-last kss'> div class="inserr ib/pan-le/flexi-regioo-inserr ib/pan-le/flexi-regioo-43-lefi_bottom-inserr ib/pan-le/flexi-regioo-inserr-first ib/pan-le/flexi-regioo-inserr-lastk> div class="ib/pa-ib/p ib/p-ch_bl ib/p-js/tal-hu-custll/the-rr-nucheseae" ss'>"> '>'> h2 class="ib/p-j"> '>Tags '> /h2 9]> s'>s'> div class="ib/p-r" contk 9]> '> div class="ib/p-de/n-me/fi-ll/the-nucheseae rld_sPref. 9]> tdiv class="ib/p-r" contk 9]> '> div class="fe/fi fe/fi-ta n-me/fi-ll/the-nucheseae fe/fi-t' t-eaxteomy-corm-nuferey.o fe/fi-labpa-herd":"> "> '>'> div class="fe/fi-r/sms"> "> '>'>'> div class="fe/fi-r/sm eve:">taet" hre/":e/d_sea?e="t=r" stitusiooalisr" stitusiooalis
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