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Trilateral Workshops Germany, Italy, France

The social and human sciences (SHS) are rooted in various cultures and languages. Languages and cultures are both their subject, and a medium for their communication. In order to promote lasting exchange in SHS among French, German, and Italian researchers, as well as fostering the building of scientific networks and expressly encouraging the use of French, German, and Italian as scientific languages, Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH), the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and Villa Vigoni have developed the “Trilateral Workshops” programme. One of its main principles is multilingualism.


Each Trilateral Workshop consists of a series of three scientific encounters, with preferably one such encounter being held each year. They all take place at Villa Vigoni (on the banks of Lake Como). Submitted projects may cover all fields of the social and human sciences. Workshop participants form a “core group”, numbering at most 15, all researchers from the three partner countries. This group will remain unchanged for each encounter. Young researchers are urged to participate and submit projects.

In addition to the scientific encounters, a limited number of guest researchers – not necessarily from Germany, Italy, or France – can also be invited. However, the three partner institutions have not provided funding for these guests, apart from the DFG, which allows German coordinators of Trilateral Workshops to also provide funding for participants from other countries, if their participation is motivated by scientific reasons. Nevertheless, this must not increase the total funding allocated to the event.

The working languages for trilateral workshops are French, German, and Italian.


Associazione Villa Vigoni
Centro Italo-Tedesco
Via Giulio Vigoni, 1
22017 Loveno di Menaggio (CO)

Simona Della Torre
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Scientific superviser : Falk Bretschneider
Project officer : Amandine Samson,

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