du 15 au 17 octobre 2015
Total mobilization: web and social reality

Mobilisation totale : web et réalité sociale

What is the web doing? What is the web? What does the web want?

The web is mobilizing human beings in impressive and unprecedented ways. In order to understand this phenomenon, we should wonder what kind of entity the web is, how it relates to and bears upon human society and culture. The conference aims at doing so by involving scholars who, in their researches, are addressing these issues from different perspectives. e.g. philosophy, cognitive sciences, anthropology, social sciences.

Language: English (and French)

Organizing and Scientific Committee : Angela Condello, Maurizio Ferraris, Sara Guindani, Enrico Terrone

Scientific Direction : Maurizio Ferraris

Organized by Collège d’études mondiales - FMSH, in collaboration with Iri (Centre Pompidou) and LabOnt (Università di Torino)

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THURS​DAY 15 (Bâtiment Le France) 

Society: What is the web doing?

9.45 Official opening

Olivier Bouin (Collège d'études mondiales) et Maurizio Ferraris (Università di Torino)

10.00 - 13.00

Chair : Olivier Bouin

Maurizio Ferraris (Università di Torino)
The Mobilized Animal

Antonio Casilli (Télécom ParisTech / EHESS)
Understanding Digital Labor: the Emergence of a Sphere of Social Conflict

Roberto Casati (CNRS, Institut Nicod)
Don’t Say This but That: Redescribing Online Life

14.30 - 18.45

Chair : Alberto Romele

Milad Doueihi (Sorbonne Universités)
Social Realism in the Algorithmic Web

Jacopo Domenicucci (Ecole Normale Supérieure)
Trust, in the Digital Era. Sketching Some Hypotheses

17.00 – 19.00

Chair: Laurent de Sutter

Angela Condello (EHESS / Università di Roma Tre)
Documentality in the Web: a Legal-Philosophical Perspective

Antoinette Rouvroy (Université de Namur)
[Title to be announced]


Reality: What is the web?

10.00 - 13.00

Chair: Françoise Thibault (FMSH)

Michel Wieviorka (FMSH-EHESS)
L’impératif numérique est-il toujours d’actualité? (Is the Digital Imperative Still Relevant?)

Enrico Terrone (Collège d’études mondiales)
World Wide What? The Ontological Singularity of the Web

Marcello Vitali-Rosati (Université de Montréal)
The Writer and the Architect: Web, Editorialization and Metaontology

14.15 – 16.15

Chair: Angela Condello

Juan Carlos De Martin (Politecnico di Torino)
Towards an Internet Bill of Rights?

Stefana Broadbent (University College London)
Strategies to Cope with Uncertainty

16.45 – 19.45

Chair: Maurizio Ferraris

Luciano Floridi (University of Oxford)
The New Morphology of Power in the Infosphere

John Searle (University of California, Berkeley)
Computation and the Mind

Isabelle Pariente-Butterlin (Aix-Marseille Université)
Could There Be Real Changes from a Virtual World?

SATURDAY OCTOBER 17th (Centre Pompidou)

Mobilization: What does the web want?

9.15 – 13.30

Chair: Enrico Terrone

Vincent Duclos (McGill University)
Life in the Media: From Immersion to Mobilization in the Digital Clinic

Bernard Stiegler (Institut de recherche et d’innovation)
A Web for a Neganthropocene

Laurent de Sutter (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
The Total Mobilization of Desire: Excitation at the Time of Social Networks

Alberto Romele (Universidade do Porto / University of Technology of Compiègne)
Materialization, Technicization and Socialization: Expanding (Literary) Hermeneutics toward Digital Technologies



Lieu : Le France
Localisation : Salle CNRS 638 (on Thursday and Friday) Centre Pompidou, Paris 4e, “Petite salle” (on Saturday)

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