22 janvier 2014

What Does it Mean to Be Critical of Technology Today

Le séminaire général de Michel Wieviorka et Hervé le Bras accueille les titulaires, post-doctorants et membres associés du Collège d'études mondiales, ainsi que d'autres chercheurs et étudiants avancés.

Séance avec Evgeny Morozov.

In addition to posing the well-known challenge of privacy, the rise of apps, Big Data and intelligent sensors has enabled new forms of problem-solving – much of it by the private sector or citizens themselves. Yet, along with new and highly innovative solutions enabled by latest technologies, there are also less visible transformations happening at a deeper level: personal information becoming the new transactonal currency, “smart” devices embedding and enforcing certain behavioral norms, the offloading of what used to be collective political problems onto the shoulders of individual citizens. The critique of such trends has traditionally been labeled with derogatory terms like “Luddite” or “technophobic” – yet why this is so is not clear, for what is being attacked is not technology per se but rather the ways in which it promotes parts of the neoliberal agenda. In this talk, I'll make the case that to be critical of technology today is also to be citical of the current political regime, with the technological discourse conveniently marking certain trends as “technological” or belonging to “the Internet” or the “digital realm” so as to avoid a more robust political debate about them.


Lieu : Le France
Localisation : Salle du conseil B
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