Danilo Šarenac

Danilo Šarenac is a senior researcher employed at the Institute for Contemporary History in Belgrade. His main field of study is cultural history of the First World War. He also studies history of banditry in the Balkans as well as culture of memory. He has contributed articles to several international volumes about the Great War.

The project 

Title: The Artillery Myth: How did the Serbian Public get it Wrong? French Military Assistance to Serbia in 1914

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Blockchain is a chain of ledgers distributed over a network that is robust in its unstructured simplicity, that is computationally impractical for an attacker to change, that no one can control but everyone can view, and that can connect an individual with another individual without giving up trust to a third party or a central authority.The rise of blockchain technology, based on disintermediation and non-centralization, offers fascinating opportunities of breakthrough changes in many areas of society and governance.

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Biotechnological industry, researchers, and governments have entered a new constellation, regime, and accelerated phase, called the Bioeconomy. This agenda - which exists in the form of policy, funding programs, white papers, etc. - reimagines how we live, how we live together with other kinds of life, and, directly, reimagines these other kinds of life at the molar and molecular level. In other words: all kinds of livelihoods in their social, economic, and ethical relations are put in motion.

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