Emerging Research call for projects

The Emerging Research call for proposals supports research projects in the development phase. This support is intended to enable project leaders to define their methodology and to develop their research networks.

Leaders of selected research projects may request support from the FMSH's "ANR and Horizon Europe Project Development" unit for the development and preparation of applications to national and international funding programs.

The Emerging Research call for projects supports research projects in the development phase, allowing project leaders to specify their issues and their methodology, and to develop their research networks. Four projects were selected for the two high-stakes themes of 2021-2022: "Ecological transition and social justice: Inventing new operating models" and "Populism and democracy".


Ecological Transition and Social Justice: Inventing New Operating Models

Presentation of the two selected winning projects:

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 04/11/2021

The FMSH provides scientific, material, and financial support to initiate innovative projects on high-stakes issues.

For the 2021-2022 period, the selected issues are:

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 11/06/2021
En translation unavailable for Annulé | Les populismes : La crise nationale des États-nations.
En translation unavailable for Le populisme : définition, implications et limites.
En translation unavailable for Populismes et démocratures.

Rethinking emancipation III

The Rethinking Emancipation seminar for its third year continues to focus on critical thinking. As an extension of what has been done in previous years, various authors will be reviewed and put to the test to question both their silences and contributions on emancipation. The contributions of Bourdieu and Foucault will be tackled successively, then those of the second Frankfurt school with Habermas and American pragmatism with Dewey complemented by the elements on French pragmatism with Boltanski and Latour.

En translation unavailable for Reporté | Populismes, de l’Amérique latine à l’Europe.
En translation unavailable for Le temps de passions tristes. Inégalités et populismes.

Rethinking emancipation II

The previous year was devoted to a dialogue between the fundamental texts relating to the issue of emancipation and the contemporary experiences of associations working with the group of research professors.

This year, it seemed necessary to delve more deeply into some themes that may help to grasp the slow political and ideological process that has led to the denaturing of the very idea of emancipation.