Seminar Violence and exiting violence

Seminar sessions will take place in the meeting room A335 at 54 bd Raspail 75 006 Paris, except the introductory session and the roudtable for which the place will be subsequently specified.


8 November 2017
Introduction | Michel Wieviorka, Jean-Pierre Dozon et Yvon Le Bot
"The Emergence of Terrorism" | Marc Sageman

22 November 2017
"Le jihadisme des femmes" | Fethi Benslama

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In this lecture Professor Peter Wallensteen will discuss the different ways in which wars and conflicts can be ended. He distinguishes between victory and negotiated settlement. He demonstrates that victories seldom are as decisive as many believe, and that negotiated agreements have a better record than often assumed. In this lecture Professor Wallensteen will cover matters such as negotiations and mediation for ending conflicts and the implementation of peace with respect to exiting violence.

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 31/05/2017
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