Cicero, art collecting and knowledge of Greek art

project “War booty versus aesthetic culture: Greek works of art in Roman context during the Republican period”

This study aims to show, by highlighting the importance of the combination of archaeological evidence and literary sources, the aspects of the transfer of Greek works of art by the Romans at the end of the Republic and specifically at the time of Cicero. The orator and man of letters, who officially disapproves all interest in art, considered as excessive, is actually a passionate collector of Greek art and what’s more, his treatises on rhetoric even attests a thorough knowledge of art history in his case as well as in his contemporaries’.

The author

Karolina Kaderka is an archeologist and historian of ancient art. In 2012, she obtained a doctorate (co-tutelle EPHE Paris / University of Dresden), with a thesis on the tympanic decoration of the temples of Rome. As post-doctoral Fernand Braudel-IFER outgoing at the University of Constance (2013/2014) she began a project of study on art looting and aesthetic culture of the Romans during the Roman Republic. Since 2014 she is "ATER" at EPHE, a partner in the AOROC reception team (UMR 8546), she continues her work on ancient sculpture and on cultural and artistic transfers between Greece and Rome..

The text

This text was written with the support of the Fernand Braudel-IFER outgoing scholarship during the author's stay at the University of Constance (2013/2014).

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