Marcia Consolim

Invited Researcher at Maison Suger Stay in France: from December 27th , 2021 to June 30th, 2022

Marcia Consolim is Associate Professor at the School of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences of the Federal University of São Paulo. Degree in social sciences (1990), doctorate in sociology (2007) from the University of São Paulo. Her publications focus on the social history of intellectuals; the sociology of SHS; higher education and academic disciplines; international traffic. Her current interests concern the circulation of science between universities and institutions for its dissemination to the general public. Her latest publications relate to the history of psychology and sociology in France. Currently, she is developing a research project on the circulation of intellectuals and social theories between France and Brazil in the first half of the 20th century.


February 16, 2022
Marcia Consolim participates in Stéphane Dufoix's seminar "Les sciences sociales brésiliennes dans l’entre-deux-guerres : circulation internationale et modalités de réception" at the FMSH.

September 1-30, 2022
Marcia Consolim is invited by the DEA program.

September 20-21, 2022
Marcia Consolim presents her work at the colloquium "Trânsitos: Franceses no Brasil no Século XX" (Brazil).

November 18, 2022

Marcia Consolim speaks during the seminar Circulation et (re)création des savoirs dans des réseaux intellectuels transnationaux du projet RESET (2022-2023)
"Circulation et réception des nouvelles sciences humaines au Brésil dans l'entre-deux-guerre"

Research theme

The circulation of American social psychology: France and Brazil in comparative perspective. Circulations and migrations in the human sciences: elective affinities between French and Brazilian intellectuals (1930-1945).


International circulation of intellectuals; circulation of the social sciences; receipt of scientific models; institutionalization of the humanities and social sciences.

Selected Publications

  • Consolim, Marcia. CONSOLIM, Marcia. (2023) [in press] « L'enseignement des sciences sociales au Brésil : Français, Nord-américains et Brésiliens (1933-1945)». Revue d'Histoire des Sciences Humaines, n. 43.
  • Consolim, Marcia. “Circulação de intelectuais e recepção das novas ciências do homem francesas no Brasil: 1908-1932”. Revista Tempo Social, 2021, pp. 17-51. Trad. « Circulation d’intellectuels et réception des nouvelles sciences de l’homme françaises au Brésil : 1908-1932 », pp. 53-89.
  • Consolim, Marcia. « La Réception de la psychologie dans l'Année sociologique : 1898-1927 ». L'Année sociologique, v. 69, 2019, pp. 105-143.
  • Consolim, Marcia. « Marcel Mauss et Georges Dumas : rapport réels et pratique de la psychologie et de la sociologie ». Durkheimian Studies/Études Durkheimiens, v. 24, 2020, pp. 144-174.
  • Consolim, Marcia. “Émile Durkheim e Gabriel Tarde: aspectos teóricos de um debate histórico”. História. Questões e Debates, v. 53, 2010, pp. 39-65.
  • Consolim, Marcia. “Gabriel Tarde e as Ciências Sociais Francesas: afinidades eletivas”. Mana – Revista de Antropologia, UFRJ, v. 14, 2008, p. 269-298.
  • Consolim, Marcia. Um Concorrente de Durkheim: René Worms e a Revue Internationale de Sociologie. In: Márcio de Oliveira; Raquel Weiss. (Org.). David Émile Durkheim: a atualidade de um clássico. 1ed. Curitiba: Ed. UFPR, 2011, p. 25-54.
Published at 26 January 2022