Alexandra Kolesnik

Winner of the 2023 Atlas Russia-France programme
Alexandra Kolesnik

Alexandra Kolesnik is PhD in History, currently works as an independent scholar. She holds the diploma in History from the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH), MA degree in History from the Higher School of Economics (HSE), Faculty of History (2013), and PhD in History from the Ural State University (2017). Her major fields of research are public history, heritage studies, history and sociology of culture. In 2011–2022, she worked as Senior Research Fellow at the Poletaev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities (IGITI), HSE, was involved in research projects and taught courses on public history and heritage studies in Russia. Over the past few years, she has been studying grassroots projects aimed at working with difficult and contested pasts in Moscow and St. Petersburg: from memory of the political repressions victims to heritage associated with underground culture in the USSR.

The project

Title: ‘Dissonant Heritage’ in Russia: Concept(s) of Cultural Heritage in Russian Public Projects

Keywords: Heritage studies, dissonant heritage, memorial projects, public history, Russia

Selection of publications

Kolesnik, Alexandra, Maximova, Alisa, “Popular Music Heritage in Yekaterinburg: Historization of Soviet Rock and Participatory Memory of Western Music,” Worlds of Imagination: Global Perspectives on Media, Tourism and Culture, ed. Stijn Reijnders. London: Routledge (Forthcoming, October 2023).

Kolesnik, Alexandra, Savelieva, Irina, and Stepanov, Boris, “Russian Public Historians in the New Media (the Case of Telegram),” New Roles for Professional Historians, ed. Raphael Lutz, Berber Bevernage. Berlin: De Gruyter (Forthcoming, June 2023).

Zavadski, Andrei, Dubina, Vera, Isaev, Egor, Kolesnik, Alexandra, Lajus, Julia and Suverina, Katerina. “Public History in Russia: The Past, the Present, and (Thoughts About) the Future,” International Public History (2022).

Kolesnik, Alexandra, “Popular music,” Everything is in the past: theory and practice of public history, ed. Andrei Zavadsky, Vera Dubina. Moscow: New Publishing House, 2022, pp. 285-301 (in Russian).

Kolesnik, Alexandra, Rusanov, Aleksandr, “Heritage-as-process: Discussions on the Concept of Cultural Heritage in Contemporary Social Sciences and Humanities,” Perm University Herald (2022) 53:3, 58-69, (in Russian).

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Zaporozhets, Oksana, Kolesnik, Alexandra, “Music Geography in Russia: Non-Auratic Places and Institutionalization ‘in Becoming’,” Journal of Cultural Geographyv (2020) 37:1, 1-25,

Zaporozhets, Oksana, Kolesnik, Alexandra, “Long life of Tsoi places: geography of memory,” Laboratorium. Russian Review of Social Research (2019) 11:2, 70-102, 10.25285/2078-1938-2019-11-2-70-102 (in Russian).

Published at 23 March 2023