06 December 2017
Proscribing terrorism: Security, Identity, Politics

Violence and exiting violence Seminar - Wednesday Decembre, 6 2017

Lee Jarvis participate in the Violence and exiting violence Seminar.

Numerous states and international organisations maintain a list of proscribed – or banned – terrorist groups. Entry on such a list typically outlaws an organisation from a designated territory, often triggering a range of offences including around membership of, or support for, such a group. Despite widespread use, and quite significant consequences for citizenship and civil liberties, proscription remains curiously under-researched: not least vis-à-vis alternative counter-terrorism instruments.

In this presentation Lee Jarvis draw on ongoing research with Tim Legrand of the Australian National University to explore the implications of this power for the politics of (national) security and identity. Focusing primarily upon the British experience, he will argue proscription, is: integral to the imagination and shaping of contemporary political boundaries; illustrative of a more complex politics of security than that often associated with (counter-)terrorism policy; and, indicative of the importance of ritualistic behaviour in the reproduction of authority and democracy.

Read the article ‘Counter-terrorism policies play an important role in shaping a national identity narrative’: Conversation with Lee Jarvis published by The Conversation.



Wednesday, December 6, 2017
5:30pm - 7:30pm

Room A3-35

FMSH | 54, bd Raspail Paris 6

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Lee Jarvis is an international politics teacher at East Anglia University (United Kingdom) and he coordinates the Critical Studies on Terrorism Review. His researchs focus on the construction of antiterrorism discourses and politics and their political and social impact. He co-leaded and co-writed numerous publications, such as:

Terrorists’ Use of the Internet : Assessment and Response, avec M. Conway et alii., IOS Press, 2017.
Anti-terrorism, Citizenship and Security, avec M. Lister, Manchester University Press, 2015.
Counter-Radicalisation. Critical Perspectives, avec C. Baker-Beall et C. Heath-Kelly, Routledge, 2015.
Critical perspectives on Counter-Terrorism, avec M. Lister, Routledge, 2015.
Times of Terror. Discourse, Temporality and the War on Terror, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

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Seminar Violence and exiting violence

Seminar sessions will take place in the meeting room A335 at 54 bd Raspail 75 006 Paris, except the introductory session and the roudtable for which the place will be subsequently specified.


8 November 2017
Introduction | Michel Wieviorka, Jean-Pierre Dozon et Yvon Le Bot
"The Emergence of Terrorism" | Marc Sageman

22 November 2017
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27-28 November 2017
Colloque international "Sortie de la violence, construction de la paix et mémoire historique en Colombie"

6 December 2017
"Proscribing terrorism: Security, Identity, Politics" | Lee Jarvis

21 December 2017
Table ronde "Radicalités violentes : perspectives comparatistes" | Farhad Khosrokhavar, Jérôme Ferret, Dominique Thomas

11 January 2018
"Humanitarian actions in extreme violent situations (Great Lakes region, Africa)" | Marc Le Pape and Jean-Hervé Bradol

25 January 2018
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8 February 2018
« Apocalypses » | François Hartog

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Table ronde : « La religion comme ressource de dé-radicalisation ? L’expérience des confréries »

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« Des histoires comparées : guerre et religions avant l’époque contemporaine » | Philippe Buc

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13 April 2018
« Disciplining Fighters: Non-State Armed Groups and the Prevention of Wartime Sexual Violence » | Angela Muvumba-Sellstrom

3 May 2018
« Phénoménologie de la violence politique : formes, sens et expériences sensibles de l’émeute » | Romain Huet

17 May 2018
« Torture and Therapeutic Temporality in a rehabilitation clinic for survivors of torture in Denmark » | Lotte Buch Segal

31 May 2018
« Symbiosis of terrorist tactics and high tech: with some unthinkable counter-measures » | Randall Collins

5 June 2018
Table ronde « Djihadisme et radicalités en Asie » | Rémi Castets, Rémy Madinier et Jean-Luc Racine



In 2017/2018, The Conversation is a partner of the Violence and exiting violence Plateforme. In collaboration with Plateforme's members, the magazine will publish articles on the entry and exiting violence processus.


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