08 February 2017
Islam in motion

Junction of the Security Dynamics of the Lake Chad Basin and the Great Lakes Region

After its 2016 cycle “Maghreb 2020”, Hestia Expertise is developing a new theme in 2017“ Islam in motion”, which is interested in the dynamics of Islam in its different forms from it's territorial anchors (Balkans, Africa, Middle East): and how Islam has found itself in a situation of Evolution, Mutation or Expansion?

The 8th February presentation will focus on this theme: “Junction of the Security Dynamics of the Lake Chad Basin and the Great Lakes Region”, although not yet well-known, Cyril Musila is the main specialist in this field. How does Islam, comprising it's proselytizing and radical forms, descend from the pericardium basin to Central Africa and the Great Lakes?

This subject, with heavy medium term consequences, enters perfectly into the hopes of anticipation of the Hestia Presentation to address a question already badly perceived by the countries concerned.



Wednesday 8 February | 18h00-20h00

Maison SUGER, 16 rue Suger (6ème)

Invitation only, registration on hestia@msh-paris.fr

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Cyril Musila is an international recognized researcher for his analyses and enquiries in this field is often recognized as the expert. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, he obtained his PhD at EHESS. An associated researcher at IFRI, he is a professor of geopolitics of African Conflicts and of Peace Research at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne and at the Catholic University of Paris and he also lectures at UPN in Kinshasa where he heads the think tank “CESSI”. A biography and bibliography is attached.


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