31 May 2016
Parentés contemporaines | Journal des anthropologues

Séance du séminaire Anthropologie, psychanalyse et politique. Regards sur les terrains, de l'Association française des anthropologues (AFA) Cycle 2015-2016 : Subjectivation et globalisation en partenariat avec le CRPMS.

Mélanie Gourarier et Séverine Mathieu présentent Parentés contemporaines | Journal des anthropologues, n°144-145, 2016

Recent legal, political, medico-technical as well as affective changes in the determination of what constitues a family appear to be the signs of a radical paradigm shift in the approach to parenthood. Assisted reproductive technologies (ART), surrogacy, access to marriage and possibly to adoption for same-sex couples, or else genetic recognition of paternity are presented as unprecedented phenomena specifically because they make use of advanced technologies. These innovations are primarily perceived as the source of major breaks since they crystallize concerns and provoke virulrnt debates. This issue draws on studies in various countries to place these controversial current events in a comparative perspective. Are the determinant factors of parenthood indeed a singular, contemporary phenomenon? And if so, how and by which approaches can anthropological study investigate and inform on this question?



Venue : La Maison Suger
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