27 September 2017
La friche

Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Organized in cooperation with Villa Vassilieff, the event has been initiated by Catherine Visser as part of a research stay in Paris for Saskia Sassen’s Global Street project under the Global Cities chair at Collège d’études mondiales, FMSH.

Catherine Visser will also participate in the seminary Global Street, 5-7 pm the same day, in the Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme. En savoir +



Magali Roucaut, film maker

Catherine Visser, architect

Sébastien Penfornis, architect


As Paris ‘reinvents’ itself, and attempts to overcome its boundaries, ex-industrial sites at the periphery are being rediscovered and opened up for development, whether for housing or new public space. These so-called wastelands, though, were not too long ago working spaces, since emptied out of their productive capacities by global processes of economic change. For some, this creates valuable room for new experiments in urbanism and the creation of new public landscapes, but for those once employed there it represents a violent disenfranchisement from the city. 

Responding to Magali Roucaut’s film La Friche, this panel discussion will draw attention to the disputed nature of Paris’ wastelands, raising questions about their potential to offer new types of value and forms of public life in Paris, as well as the loss and discontinuity endured to create these opportunities. It will also ask if and how the displaced communities informally occupying these sites now can find space in the future currently being built there.


La Friche
Film by Magali Roucaut, 43 min, 2012

A wasteland in Paris, isolated from the rest of the city by high fences. 
Inside, wild plants and traces of a former factory. Soon a public garden, rest, leisure.
Abandoned for over 20 years, this place is populated with ghosts. Who were the people living and working there? 
Thanks to the memories of former inhabitants found by the filmmaker, the space of the site is rebuilt and its story pieced together.
A story that tells that of a forgotten and unknown Paris. 

Production: Commodo, Magali Roucaut 
Editing: Victoria Follonier
Sound editing & mixing: Sébastien Noiré

La Friche was selected in international festivals  (FIFEQ 2013, International Festival of Ethnographical Film of Québec, Bergamo Films Meeting (Italie, march 2013), Forumdoc.bh, Festival of ethnographical and documentary film of Belo Horizonte (Brésil, nov. 2012) .... ) et is part of the collections of Forum des Images and La Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine.



Magali Roucaut is a documentary filmmaker. In her artistic research, she explores the links between spaces and the people inhabiting them. 
Filmography  "L'or dans les cendres", 24 min, 2018; "Derrière les pierres", 59 min, 2016; "La Friche", 45 min, 2012. 

Catherine Visser is a landscape architect, co-founder of the DaF-architecten agency, based in Rotterdam, that teached at the university of Delft. In her view, urban regeneration should reinforce inclusive public domains using the layered historical context and multiple identities of the contemporary city. By participating as a local actor in different bottom-up Rotterdam initiatives she combines commitment with ‘research by doing’. She is currently participating in the transformation initiated by the inhabitants of the railway friche of Essenburgpark, in West Rotterdam. 

Sébastien Penfornis  is a DPLG architect. He is the co-founder of Taktyk and heads the Paris office. His research has explored the notion of chance in the conception and transformation of landscape. He works and evolves following an uninhibited, intuitive, and empirical conception process, based on experimentation, invention and risk-taking. He is in charge of activating the transformation of the Chapelle Charbon site in the 18th arrondissement, by inventing and sketching with the local residents ideas for this transitory park, turning it from a marginal place into a space of research and experimentation. 


Mercredi 27 septembre


Villa Vassilieff
21 avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris

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