IFRE's Network

Circulation of knowledge and strive to increase the diffusion of their activities and productions

Since 2004, the Foundation has been assigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Develoment to enhance the network of 27 French research institutes abroad, present in 34 countries (under MAEDI and CNRS). The IFRE valorisation commitee supports the circulation of knowledge between these institutes and strive to increase the diffusion of their activities and productions. A dedicated portal, fully redesigned in 2015, allows coordinated aggregation and dissemination of this knowledge. The scientific review, entitled as Cahiers des IFRE, provides files blended of articles selected by IFRE on a horizontal theme.

The valorisation commitee also induce a digital board issues for the IFRE that request it, bringing them together with actors (CCSAD, CLEo) or frameworks (Huma-Num) devoted to Social sciences and Humanities. This resulted in a successful plan to publish online the IFRA Nairobi's press review, hosted by NAKALA (Huma-Num).

Les Cahiers des IFRE

Every issue, Les Cahiers des IFRE gather into a main folder numerous articles based on researches provided by the IFRE. Les Cahiers des IFRE will be available to download (epub, pdf) or print on demand (POD).

The first two volumes were published in 2015. The first was about urban planning and climate change, published in february. The second one, entitled Africa in Globalization, was published in December. They were respectively printed at 300 & 200 copies, distributed by MAEDI and FMSH.

IFRE's web portal

A new portal has been designed to gather & give access to every identifiable scientific production in a single place (online journals, book collections, open archives, image archives...), while announcing IFRE news (publications, programs ...) and scientific manifestations.

The IFRE cluster has since been actively networking this knowledge through various ways and means : a dedicated internet portal, a visibility on social networks, a policy encouraging the development of e-publications, consultancy for digital matters (electronic publishing, social networks, improvement of internet sites, open archives ...).

Key figures

27 IFRE | 146 researchers | 244 PhD students | 180 local partnerships

600 scientific events each year | +30 000 scientific papers

Alexandra Duperray | contact@ifre.fr


150 chercheurs
350 doctorants et postdoctorants
180 partenariats locaux
600 manifestations scientifiques par an
Published at 7 February 2022