17 May 2017
How Racial Violence is Provoked and Channeled


My talk focuses on the micro and meso-level dynamics of racial violence, drawing from empirical studies of U.S. white supremacists and racist movements. My approach is processual, multicausal, and interpretive. I describe the path-dependent trajectories by which racial violence comes to “make sense” in racist groups, how violence shapes racist ideologies, and the turning points that can make the option of racial violence seem either inevitable or impossible.

Kathleen M. Blee is a professor of sociology and associate dean of graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Her areas of interest include gender, race and racism, social movements, and sociology of space and place. She writed Women in the Klan: Racism and Gender in the 1920s (1991); Making Democracy: How Activist Groups Form (2012).


Salle BS1-05 | 54 bd. Raspail | 75006 Paris

17 mai 2017 | 11h-13h

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