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Humanitarian aid in globalization

The Humanitarian Studies science platform provides an environment for dialogue and debate between researchers from all disciplines and those working in the aid field, aimed at supporting and promoting research on humanitarian aid. It is an open platform and therefore encourages joined-up approaches among researchers, NGOs, foundations and government bodies.

As an incubator for new ideas, FMSH is providing this new science platform as a tool to help address the challenge of understanding the changes that are taking place and working with them.

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Projet porté par Marc Fleurbaey, Olivier Bouin et alii.

Jan. 12

9h30-10h00 : Welcome and Introductions

10h00-10h30: Olivier Bouin and Marc Fleurbaey : IPSP Overview

10h30-11h00 : Ravi Kanbur and Helga Nowotny: General Orientation of the Report

11h00-12h00: Discussion


13h30-15h00: Discussion on Focus and Contents: Introductory Chapter and Part I: Socio-Economic Transformation

15h00-16h30: Discussion on Focus and Contents: Part II: Political and Governance transformations


DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 12/01/2015