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Langage et société

Founded in 1977, Langage & Société is an interdisciplinary journal whose specific domain is the study of language, languages and discourse as historically and socially situated phenomena, and whose aim is to keep readers informed about on-going research on discourse analysis, socio-linguistics, sociology of language, verbal interactions.

Langage & Société publishes mainly in French, but one article in each issue is in a different language (English, Spanish, German, etc.).

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Volume1 : The impossible “law of freedom”

The Law of December 9th 1905, separating Church from State, makes up the heart of secular France. Yet relatively few works have been produced on this historic event. Knowing the end of the story, Jena Baubérot tends to describe a logical process which led to passing and implementing the law, effectively pacificatory. Why did the same MPs who voted the “combiste” laws also pass the “law of liberty” (A. Briand) that made up the 1905 law? Why and how?

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 23/08/2021
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