[Closed] Call for papers | Reinventing museology. The role of conceptual art

Until May 15th 2022

We welcome international and interdisciplinary submissions for the conference: Reinventing museology. The role of conceptual art. This conference is integrated into the Saison Croisée France-Portugal 2022 and organized by the Fondation Maison Science de l'Homme and the Universidade Lusofona, Lisbonne (CeiED and the Department of Museology).

Submission deadline : 15th May 2022

Conference Dates: 6th -7th October 2022

Location: Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme, 54 boulevard Raspail 75066 Paris

Keynote Speakers

Sara ALONSO GÓMEZ, art historian, curator and associate researcher at Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires de l’UFR Lettres, Arts, Cinéma (CERILAC) from the University of Paris.

Mario MOUTINHO, dean of Universidade Lusofona and Director of the Museology Department of  Universidade Lusofona.

Conference abstract

The scope of this conference is to reflect from an interdisciplinary perspective on the role that contemporary art – and especially conceptual art – had for the progressive critical reform and democratization of museology since the beginning of the 20th century. We are looking for contributions that discuss historic and recent case-studies, theories and solutions that emerged in the context of a new, social museology.

The starting point is the observation that the museologic dispositive, even if contested in the context of new museologic practices, is perpetuated in contemporary arts in altered, augmented, virtual, critical and analytical ways. We launch the question of why and how do contemporary artists work with the museologic dispositive as a way to reconsider culture-specific heritage, personal heritage, global heritage and the political questions they imply.

The themes addressed in the past decade by critical museology (by authors such as Ivan Karp, Christine Mullem Kreamer and Steven Levine, Sharon Macdonald, Janice Baker among many others) span between the critique of the discipline itself through methodological questionings of classification, display and value attribution, to uncovering of marginal histories excluded from historic narratives and their reintegration into the cultural and social space. The role of artistic practices for stimulating participative and collaborative museologic practices has been often acknowledged.

Nonetheless, it seems that a theory of how conceptual art has re-thought the identity of the 'object' (and implicitly the 'heritage object'), and the question of 'display' are missing from the field. How did conceptual art contribute in time to the re-thinking of the museum as practice (social and cultural)? These two factors had important implications in terms of promoting de-colonial thinking, allowing multiple narratives, including secondary objects and marginalised histories into the museologic narrative and expanding the identity of the heritage object with an ephemeral dimension.

The call is open to contributions from anthropology, social sciences, education science, design, performance studies, aesthetics, and connected fields covering the period from the modernism to the neo avant-gardes and until today's digital conceptualism. We would like to follow how do these approaches reflect back into the discipline of museology, determining a shift towards a de-colonial and social museology.

This conference intends as well to go deeper into the principles of sociomuseology, which includes the immediate social reality into the museologic practice. We would like to propose a discussion around this term – launched in 2007 at Universidade Lusofona at the International MINOM meeting, while introducing the question of art into this field.

A publication will be issued in 2022-2023 which includes the conference proceedings, related articles by the conference participants and artistic portfolios. 

Formats of the call

  • Lecture: theoretical contributions, case-studies, documentation of artistic practices and works etc.
  • Film/video and photography submission: material to be projected and presented during the conference days

Submission documents

  1. CV (max. 3 pg.)
  2. Abstract (max. 400 words)
  3. Optional visual material (1-2 images, jpg format)

Please submit your material at: reinventingmuseology@msh-paris.fr


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