Exile and Post-exile

Working paper in french.

Exilic experiences and identities nowadays escape current criteria. One can feel nostalgic for a country he/she has never lived in; one can feel a longing for a language he/she never spoke. The concept of post-exile is proposed here to define such a phenomenon which shall be understood in three ways: the end of exile or the return from exile; exile and post-exile as a succession of two stages in the exilic experience; exile and post-exile dialectically linked as two means of expression or two forms of manifestations.

This text is part of a series of Working and Position papers :

  • Alexis Nuselovici (Nouss), Étudier l’exil, FMSH-PP-2013-09, septembre 2013.
  • Alexis Nuselovici (Nouss), L’exil comme expérience, FMSH-WP-2013-43, septembre 2013.
  • Alexis Nuselovici (Nouss), Exiliance  : condition et conscience, FMSH-WP-2013-44, septembre 2013.
  • Alexandra Galitzine-Loumpet, Pour une typologie des objets de l’exil, FMSH-WP-2013-46, septembre 2013.

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