China and Brazil : industrialization and « early deindustrialization »

Working paper in french.

Is this because the asymmetric trade relations between China and the Brazil have intensified that Brazil knows a «early deindustrialization»? For Asian countries, growth is consistent with industrialization, for Latin American countries, it is not more often. Industrialization on the one hand, «deindustrialization early» on the other, are - they both sides of the same medal or well-represent the existence for some, the absence of policy change and industrial policies adapted to the constraints posed by globalization? We will show that it is not the opening which leads to deindustrialization, low productivity growth and the reduction of the value added in many branches, but how to do it. It is not the relations between China and the Brazil which explain the «early deindustrialization» of the latter. This is not because they are asymmetrical, that they are désindustrialisantes for the Brazil. This is because the opening is not a policy of appropriate Exchange and an industrial policy accompanied appropriate than Brazil knows a «early deindustrialization.» From this point of view, the Brazil has to learn from China.

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09 March 2012

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