Le comptoir des presses universitaires

A showcase for publishers in research and higher education

The Comptoir des presses d’universités seeks to enhance the overall visibility of university presses. It presents 23,500 items and the catalogues of about 60 publishers on a single website.

An important catalogue for French and French-language academic publishing

The purpose of the Comptoir is to ensure that French and French-language scholarship is highly visible to both the scholarly community and the wider public interested in social sciences and humanities topics.

Today, its website offers a catalogue of books and journals in a great variety of fields: anthropology, archaeology, ethnology, history, literature, psychology, sociology, political science and more. The catalogue supports advanced bibliographic and topical searches and allows users to receive regular personalized notices of new publications.

A pooled mail-order service

The Comptoir has the infrastructure required to sell and rapidly ship publications that are still too often believed unfindable.

It thus provides the community of public academic publishers an efficient, pooled service that helps to promote and market their publications to a national and international readership.

The Comptoir works closely with the Association des éditeurs de la recherche et de l’enseignement supérieur (AEDRES).

Presence at scientific and cultural events

To play its role as a showcase for French and French-language publishing on research and higher education, the Comptoir is regularly present at scientific and cultural events such as colloquia, congresses and exhibitions.


Read more on the website: www.lcdpu.fr