Digital research center

A document centre dedicated to scientific writing and the changing modes of communication of research

The digital research center is a user-friendly digital environment that provides a broad range of services, enabling individual researchers or teams to work on text and audiovisual resources, learn to use digital research tools and explore the various means of promoting scientific research.

A working and meeting place for researchers

The digital research center offers a stimulating work environment for research conducted by individuals or small groups, with both no-talking workspaces and collaborative areas equipped with high-grade audiovisual and digital systems. All of these services are available to any researcher holding a doctoral degree.

Searching, consulting and writing

The digital research center offers a full loan service, including on-site and deferred lending from the FMSH collections, consultation of archives, inter-library lending and borrowing. Free access to the Wifi network allows all registered users to consult the library’s Web portal and carry out their research in a print and digital collection containing more than 200,000 books, 15,000 periodicals, 42 personal collections and 500 reference tools.

The digital research center has a reading room with 40 workstations, no-talking areas for individual work and a document reproduction facility.

Experimenting, collaborating, producing

To help researchers improve their practice, the library-laboratory offers training sessions and a range of audiovisual and IT equipment that allow them to try out and master new tools for social sciences and humanities research and for promotion of this research.

Digital tables, self-serve video recording cubicle, conference room with video-conferencing system, systems for collaborative work, etc., will let scholars explore and utilize the various data platforms and documentation databases in SSH, to work interactively on group projects and to learn how to produce digital and audiovisual content.

A venue dedicated to discussions on scientific communication in all its forms

Sharing, discussion, debate

The Forum area of the digital research center is dedicated to meetings, debates and workshops on scientific communication. It is equipped for audiovisual recording and dissemination and will serve as the location for a programme of scientific and cultural events that will consider from a new angle the concepts of a document and of the transmission and dissemination of scientific knowledge. Depending on the programme, the Forum may be opened to the general public.

Apart from the scheduled events, the Forum is left at the disposal of the researchers, who can meet and discuss their work there informally.

The digital research center is constantly evolving to meet the needs and the demand of users and partners.