The technique is not the alienation of an otherwise perfect humanity. It is the revelation of a highly imperfect humanity, a monkey which is not only naked but also dumb in the etymological sense: in-baculum, without a stick and who needs necessarily an extension of the hand, a supplementary technique and in this sense the absolute stick of today is called the "smartphone".

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 07/03/2017
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AAR Campus

This ‘digital humanities’ project centres around the key issue of how to organise and make use of the wealth of social science and humanities resources that exist in the form of digital audiovisual archives.

Maurice Aymard


Historian, a specialist in economic and social history in modern times, Maurice Aymard is director of studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), former director of the Fondation Maison de sciences de l'homme and former director of the section of modern and contemporary history of the French School of Rome (1972-76).

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French-Arab-Berber Wiktionary

As part of the FSP-Maghreb programme, FMSH has begun a project to create a multilingual, multicultural dictionary of social science and humanities, in collaboration with the CEDRIC laboratory based at the French National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, among other partners.

The aim of the project is to foster dialogue between Maghreban and French researchers, to pool knowledge about cultures on both shores of the Mediterranean and to create a springboard for discussion around the terminology used in these different scientific and cultural contexts.

ETHICA - Unfettered research

The ETHICA project is a web-based application containing a digital, expanded version of Spinoza’s Ethics. The commentaries by all 100 participating philosophers will be available in the application and will form a brand new map of 21st Century Spinoza research, translated into 12 languages, which will be freely available.

Through the web-based app, ETHICA will reveal the structure of Spinoza’s text through graphics that allow users to display a 3-dimensional view of the text.

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Ghislaine Azémard


Professor of universities in information and communication sciences (SCI), Ghislaine Azémard heads the team "Digital Writing and Hypermedia" Paragraphe Laboratory at the University Paris 8. She is responsible for the master "Creation, Innovation, Digital Information »University Paris-8 (common area: Culture and Communication, University Paris 8, University Paris 13). She also directs the LEDEN 2 program of the House of Sciences of the Man Paris Nord (University Paris 8, University Paris 13, National Center for Scientific Research).