The work analyses the intellectual foundations, the evolution and different interpretations, strengths and potential of the link between environment and security, but also its weaknesses, incoherencies and distortions. To do so, it employs a critical environmental security studies analytical framework and uniquely places this analysis within the context of the Anthropocene. Furthermore, the book examines the practice–theory divide, and the political implementation of the environmental security concept in response to global environmental change and in relation to different actors.

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 28/05/2018

The Research and Prospective Pole of the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH), supports the creation of projects dedicated to innovative themes in the humanities and social sciences (SHS).

This call for projects is a new feature of one of the main missions of the FMSH, which is to provide scientific and material support to research projects that are in the early stages of their development and can use the support of the FMSH to develop further their scientific content, methodology, and research networks.

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 01/03/2018
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On the edges of art and science, applying the work of heterography – a narration crafted from materials other than writing – is at the crossroads of art, urban history, art history, immaterial patrimony, computer cognitive sciences, this project takes the quarter of Grand Châtelet, in Paris, in the 18th century, as a zone of study. Through the digital restitution, it aims to develop the new concept of 5D modeling. If the archeology of the soundscape offers a new way of reading ordinary history, its complementary part – 5D modeling – allow it to be broadcast and developed widely.

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Valentina Dal Cin

Valentina Dal Cin is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Italian Institute for Historical Studies in Naples and assistant to the Chair of Modern History at the Ca 'Foscari University in Venice. His training in history at Ca 'Foscari (Bachelor's Degree 2008, Master's Degree 2011) was accompanied by different international experiences (Université Paris-Sorbonne 2007-08, ENS 2010). In 2015 she defended her doctoral thesis on the Venetian elites in the Napoleonic era at the University of Verona.

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Discover with us how digital resources can be a catalyst for change in university strategies.

In the 21st century a new learning ecosystem of students, educators, and resources developed, it is important for higher education leaders to leverage the power of digital resources in order to find a strategy for change.

DATE DE MISE A JOUR : 15/05/2017