08 March 2021
Solidarity economy and feminism

Seminar | Monday, March 8th

FMSH Paris (Maison des Sciences de l’Homme de Paris) in partnership with RIPESS Eu launches a webinar as an opportunity to build a dedicated space to nurture international conversation and to strengthen the relations among the initiatives and the people active in solidarity economy as a global movement.

This webinar is dedicated to sharing common questions and mutual information, analysis and perspectives about the development of Solidarity Economy on the different continents. It is open to everyone interested in these topics : practionners and collective initiatives, researchers and students, public institutions representatives. 

The  discussion will be organized in two sequences. The first round will deal with Solidarity Economy and Feminism, the second round will deal with the development and current situation of solidarity economy on each continent. 

Isabelle Hillenkamp and Jean-Louis Laville will address 2 issues :

  1. the need for a reflection on what the economy is, as well as on the relations between economy and society through the lense of two convergent approaches : feminism and substantive economy (initiated by Karl Polanyi).
  2. the importance of regarding householding as an economic principle, and how this taking into account is both decisive and complex.

The construction of a feminist solidarity economy will be illustrated with an example integrating diverse economic principles.

Isabelle Hillekamp and Jean-Louis Laville have both contributed to Theory of Social Enterprise and Pluralism: Social Movements, Solidarity Economy, and The Global South, ed. Routledge, New York, 2019.

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Next sessions : 10th of May - 12th of July - 13th of September


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