20 February 2018
What should we do?

Documental Mobilization seminar - Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Last session of the Documental Mobilization revolution – From capital to Documental Mobilization seminar by Jocelyn Benoist, Angela Condello, Marc De Vos, Maurizio Ferraris, Markus Gabriel, Janne Nielsen, Alberto Romele, Claire Scopsi, Jacek Smolicki, Michele Spanò, Bernard Stiegler and Matteo Treleani.

All the speakers of the seminar will be gathered to draw conclusions of the work done and to indicate possible actions for the management and comprehension of the documental mobilization age.



Tuesday, February 20
2pm - 7:30pm

Room BS1-05 (2pm - 5pm)
Room BSI-28 (5pm - 7:30pm)
FMSH | 54, bd Raspail, Paris 6

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