06 November 2017
Les bidonvilles

réalités mondiales, réalité française

Conference by Julien Damon for the Global Cities Chair

Discussant: Adil Jazouli, General Commissioner for Equality of Territories (CGET)

The global dynamic of urbanisation is taking place, in developing countries, through the extension of shantytowns. One-eighth of humankind is said to be currently living in such spaces. Meanwhile, the return of shantytowns and illegal campsites in France gives rise to concerns or even fear-mongering, with the "migrant crisis" as a background. For some, shantytowns are to be eradicated as they house squalor and criminality. For others, they constitute evidence of the sustainable city. The presentation will be based on an interactive quiz.  


Monday November 6, 2017


5 pm - 7 pm

54, boulevard Raspail

Room B1-18

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