30 May 2017
Atelier Theatrum Mundi

What makes a sociable acoustic?

As part of the research activity of the Global Cities chair, Richard Sennett (chair holder) and John Bingham-Hall (post-doc) are convening Atelier TM: an ongoing experimental workshop bringing together practitioners and researchers from across the fields of music, sound, and urbanism. Through critical discussion and creative exchange with sonic practices, the aim of Atelier TM is to enrich the ways cities are imagined, described, and designed in urban practice through a richer understanding of sound, addressing political and social issues in urban soundscape as much as creative issues in the relationship of performance to the city.

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Room Conseil A&B (Basement) | 54 bd Raspail | 75006 Paris

Tuesday 30th of  May 2017 | 9h30-17h

More information and registration: vera.vidal@msh-paris.fr 

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