24 May 2017

Post-truth, Web, Democracy

Conference organized as part of the "Documédialité" initiative of Maurizio Ferraris

This conference investigates the complex interconnection between truth, the web, democracy and the contemporary global equilibrium.

How have the processes of validation of truth - and the very notion of truth - changed in the era of the multiplication of voices and public discourses, i.e. in the era of the web? How does this bear upon democracy? On the one hand, the web seems to constitute a resource of democratic participation; on the other hand, the web can turn truth into post-truth thereby arguably favoring demagogy instead of democracy. Because of this ambivalence, the web poses a challenge to scholars, namely rethinking democracy in its connection with truth and technology.


24th of May 2017 | 9h30-17h00

Room Conseil A | 54 bd. Raspail | 75006 Paris

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Morning session

9h15 Opening

9h30 Maurizio Ferraris, Post-Modern, Post-Truth, New Realism

10h15 John R. Searle, Truth and Post-Truth

11h-11h15 Pause café

11h15 Chiara Cappelletto, From Res Publica to Self(ish) Reality : Beyond Post-Truth

12h Julian Nida-Rümelin, Democracy and Truth

13h-14h30 Lunch pause

Afternoon session

14h30 Bernard Stiegler, La Post-Vérité et le Nouveau Conflit des Facultés et des Fonctions
(intervention filmée)

15h15 Emanuele Alloa, Post-Truth and the Epistemological Retour à l’Ordre. In Defense of Perspectivism

16h Paul Boghossian, Truth and Authoritarianism



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