Andrea Pinotti

Chercheur associé au programme Politique des images

Andrea Pinotti is a Professor at the University of Milan, where he lectures in aesthetics and image theory within the Philosophy Department. He has been a fellow at several prestigious international research institutions (Italian Academy New York, EHESS Paris, Warburg Institute London, ZfL Berlin). At the Collège International de Philosophie he was Programme Director for a project on "Monument Nonument. Politique de l'image mémorielle, esthétique de la mémoire matérielle" [Monument Nonument. Politics of Memorial Image, Aesthetics and Material Memory]. His most recent publications include Empathie. Histoire d’une idée de Platon au posthumain [Empathy. History of an Idea from Plato to the post-human] (Vrin, 2016); Cultura visuale. Immagini sguardi media dispositivi [Visual Culture: Images, Regards, Media, Systems] (with Antonio Somaini, Einaudi, 2016).