Friends of the FMSH

The association Friends of the FMSH aims to contribute to the development and influence of the foundation

The association, notably by providing funding or expertise, supports and publicise the implementation and development of FMSH's scientific activities throughout the academic world and civil society, in France and around the world.

Statement regarding the future of the Foundation (July, 29th)

Please find here a Statement from the Board of the FMSH Friends Association, now presided by Hinnerk Bruhns. The Board expresses its concern about the future of the FMSH. The Foundation is ready to intensify its partnerships with the new higher education and research institutions established in France, but its margins of autonomy and its initiative capacity should be preserved for the benefit of all.

Act with the Foundation

Financial contributions of our members have supported and promoted a large number of actions, in particular for the knowledge dissemination.


In 2019, Friends of the FMSH paid tribute to its president, Immanuel Wallerstein, who died on August 31st.

Publication of the brochure Immanuel Wallerstein. Une quête intellectuelle et politique* taking up the testimonies of the friends and colleagues of the FMSH as well as three short, significant texts of this great committed intellectual.

On November 26th, a round table entitled Immanuel Wallerstein, comprendre le monde et le changer, brought together Maurice Aymard, Robert Boyer, Jean-Luc Racine, and Michel Wieworka, to hear Yves David Hugot, author of a thesis on I. Wallerstein supported in 2017 at Paris X.

*Texts in French, except for Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas paper available in English.


Renewal of the support to the programme PAUSE, dedicated to scientists compelled to  exile because of war or authoritarian regimes.



Organization of the conference Femmes engagées to highlighting recent or ongoing work on complex issues related to women and gender.




Support to the programme PAUSE, dedicated to scientists compelled to  exile because of war or authoritarian regimes.








Contribution to the tribute given to Clemens Heller on December 19th and to the publication of the book Clemens Heller, imprésario des sciences de l’homme. Clemens Heller has been a key leader of the Foundation, who worked restlessly for its global reach.







Contribution to the organization of the international conference (Re)créer le monde in partnership with the Philharmonie de Paris.

The conferences in video on Canal-U.




Financing the coverage and on-line availability of the Day devoted to Ulrich Beck organized by the the Collège d'études mondiales, established by the Foundation. Professor Beck has been one of the first members of the College.

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Financing of the book Penser global, which includes the scientific contributions of the international conference organized in 2013 for the 50th anniversary of the FMSH.






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The Association offers two categories of membership:

Standard member, for whom membership is free.

Donor member, for those who would like to contribute financially to the Association (donations are tax-deductible in France). The usual donation is 150 euros for individuals and 1,000 euros for corporate entities, but any amount will be welcomed. Donor Friends receive a copy of a book they may select in the FMSH publications list, as a token of our appreciation.

To join, please complete the membership form, accessible from the box “Join us” on this page.

For Donor Friends, please send us your cheque to the order of Association des Amis de la FMSH (see contact address below). If you choose a bank transfer, please find the relevant informations on this page, or contact us.

Association office

President : Hinnerk Bruhns
Secretary-general : Jean-Luc Racine
Treasurer : Olivier Bouin
President of the Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme : Michel Wieviorka



Association des Amis de la Fondation
54 Boulevard Raspail
75006 Paris

Jean-Luc Racine, Secretary-general



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