02 juin 2014

Asia in the Global ICT Innovation Network

Un séminaire BRICs de la FMSH/EHESS

présenté par Jean-Paul Simon

qui présentera des recherches realisées avec Giuditta De Prato et Daniel Nepelski qui ont eu un empêchement.

La présentation et la discussion seront faites en français.


Introduction :

  • Global innovation network
  • International protection of innovation (foreign patent filings)

Part 1. Asia in the Global ICT Network

  • Changing global production and innovation networks: Asia on the rise
  • A quick look at the Dragons

Part 2. Case studies

  • 2.1 Assessing India as technology and innovation cooperation partner
  • 2.2 International technology sourcing between China and the rest of the world

Jean-Paul Simon is founder of JPS Public Policy Consulting, a consulting firm specialised in media/ telecom law regulation and strategy. He held various position in the telecom industry, worked as a senior scientist at the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS), European Commission, Directorate-General JRC.  At the IPTS he worked on ICT in BRIC countries as well as on the economics of the media and content industries and the impact of digitization. He holds a PhD in Philosophy (1975) and is a graduate (MBA) from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) (MBA, econometrics, 1971). He has written several books and articles on communications and public policy. He is a frequent speaker on telecommunications and media in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Giuditta De Prato works at the Institute for Prospective Technologies (JRC-IPTS), European Commission, Directorate-General JRC, the in-house Think Tank of the European Commission, supporting the EU policy-making process by developing science-based responses to the dynamically-changing innovation landscape. She also worked in the industry as a software developer and IT consultant from 1992 to 2005. From 2005 to 2009, she focused on research activities on local development, evaluation, ICT and open source at the University of Bologna.She holds a PhD in Economics and Institutions from the University of Bologna (Italy), a Master in Development, innovation and Change from the SDIC (Bologna University,
IT), besides a professional qualification as software developer. She co-edited together with E. Sanz and J.P Simon, Digital Media Worlds; The new media economy, Oxford, Palgrave, 2014.

Daniel Nepelski also works at the Institute for Prospective Technologies (JRC-IPTS), European Commission,
Directorate-General JRC. Daniel worked at DIW Berlin, the German Institute forEconomic Research, as a research associate  and policy consultant between 2002 and 2008. His research interests are in the area of Industrial Organization
with a particular focus on Innovation Economics and Competition Policy. He holds a PhD in Economics from the Humboldt University Berlin.


Lieu : Le France
Localisation : salle 015
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