International Observatory of Exiting Violence

The International Observatory of Exiting Violence seeks to structure a new field of research to produce both empirical and theoretical knowledge and to take a firmly comparative approach to studies and reports that are too often mismatched.

It is also intended to host internationally recognized foreign scholars in order to set up a network and strengthen academic cooperation through research agreements.

All projects will produce reports and recommendations for policymakers, NGOs, civil society leaders and the general public, in order to link knowledge production more closely to public action.

The Observatory of Exiting Violence and the Observatory of Radicalization constitute the Violence and Exiting Violence platform.



Projects in progress

International Panel on Exiting Violence (IPEV)

IPEV is an interdisciplinary international community of more than 100 researchers and specialists recognized for their work on contemporary forms of violence and processes for exiting violence. The project is supported primarily by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

SoV - Exiting Violence

The French National Research Agency starts with research on radicalization in various contexts to arrive at analyses of exiting and preventing violence. The objective is to explore more deeply the motivations of radical and violent mobilization, in a comparative approach, and to produce transversal knowledge to inform both policymakers and analysts.

Political and social impact of terrorist attacks in France

This study combines a field survey with theoretical backgrounding to identify avenues offering a better understanding of the consequences of the attacks and to determine the scope of their impact and means of taking action. It is funded by the Open Society Foundations.


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IPEV - International panel for exiting violence

A panel to analyse the process of violence
Multidisciplinary community of researchers and specialists who have gained international recognition for their work on contemporary forms of violence, IPEV works to produce an analytical report containing recommendations for political and social decision-makers.