Observatory on Radicalisation

Analyzing the drivers of radicalization and extreme violence

The Observatory on Radicalization studies the drivers of radicalization and extreme violence in various contexts (in Latin America, Africa and Asia), in their various forms and in their political and religious dimensions, in order to make this eminently complex phenomenon intelligible without reducing it to radical Islamism.

The Observatory on Radicalization and the Observatory of Exiting Violence constitute the Violence and Exiting Violence platform.


Research projects

Study of Jihadist neighbourhoods in European cities

A number of large European cities have seen “concentrated radicalization” in specific neighbourhoods, such as Molenbeek in Brussels, the Mirail district in Toulouse and the Meinau district in Strasbourg. The study aims to analyze the urban geography of violent radicalization through an in-depth approach to family processes and a history of these districts, as well as to compare the public policies implemented at the local and national levels.

Focus group on radicalization

The aim is create a venue for collective thinking about radicalization in France or elsewhere, open to master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral students. Several meetings will be organized during the year to present work in progress.



Le jihadisme des femmes. Pourquoi ont-elles choisi Daech ?, Farhad Khosrokhavar et Fethi Benslama, Seuil, 2017

Prisons de France. Violence, radicalisation, déshumanisation : surveillants et détenus parlent, Farhad Khosrokhavar, Paris, Robert Laffont, coll. « Le monde comme il va », 2016

Les juifs, les musulmans et la République, Farhad Khosrokhavar et Michel Wieviorka, Robert Laffont, coll. Le monde comme il va, 2017

La propagande francophone de daech : la mythologie du combattant heureux - Un rapport de Pierre Conesa, co-directeur de l'Observatoire des radicalisations, François Bernard Huyghe, directeur de recherche à l'Iris et spécialiste de l'influence stratégique, et Margaux Chouraqui, journaliste.


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