Violence and Exiting Violence Platform

The Social Sciences after Charlie

There is currently an urgent demand, from society at large and the political sphere, for greater understanding of the phenomena of violence and the means necessary to avoid or exit violence.

The Violence and Exiting Violence Platform endeavours to address the question of violence in two phases.

The objective is to understand the interactions, similarities and differences between two different phases of violence:

  • the beginnings of violence, investigated by the Observatory on Radicalisation
  • and the end or exit of violence, at the individual and group levels, investigated by the International Observatory on Exiting Violence

Michel Wieviorka is the General Director of this Platform, and Jean-Pierre Dozon is its Scientific Director. The Platform is coordinated by Sabrina Melenotte.

Observatory on Radicalisation

The Observatory on Radicalisation is founded on the postulate that although Jihadist radicalism is currently the subject of considerable research and investigation, contemporary forms of radicalisation (one might speak of “radicalisations” in the plural) cannot simply be reduced to Islamist fundamentalism or current events. Nevertheless, substantial research efforts, based on relevant research tools, will analyse the causes of radicalisation and target the profiles of individuals susceptible to becoming “radicalised”. This Observatory also addresses the strategies and policies aimed at prevention and crisis management. It will work closely with the International Observatory on Exiting Violence and in collaboration with several academic chairs at the Collège d’Études Mondiales.

Thinking in global terms

For a long time now, Latin American guerrillas and civil wars in Africa have provided examples of the arming of civilian groups and the triggering of isolated violent acts. Such events are understood as stages of violent radicalisation. In several European countries, communities are impacted by episodic urban violence. Therefore, it is important to “think globally” about these various expressions of the phenomena of "radicalisation”.

This Observatory will be directed by Prof. Farhad Khosrokhavar, in collaboration with Pierre Conesa and Hosham Dawod.

International Observatory on Exiting Violence

Although violence, in its manifold forms, has always been an important topic for the social and human sciences, the same cannot be said for the process of putting an end to violence, which could be termed “exiting violence”. The research begun by researchers at the International Observatory on Exiting Violence must therefore lay the groundwork for structuring a new field of research.

A new field to be structured

A Steering Committee will be formed, and additional members will be appointed following the initial phase of work. This Committee will be responsible for:

  • Identifying researchers and representatives of institutions to participate in the Observatory’s activities
  • Building a corpus and a database of existing research and reports
  • Preparing a roadmap for the Observatory (encounters, colloquia, workshops, etc.)
  • Using digital tools to create a community of researchers with the aim of writing a global report
  • Inviting international scholars

20 themes

A year after the programme’s official inauguration, an international meeting will be organised in order to draw up a list of around twenty themes that researchers will use as a foundation for preparing the full conceptual body of research.

Each theme will bring together around ten researchers and will be the subject of a detailed, well-documented chapter in an overall report to be published at the end of the programme. Transversal texts and public policy recommendations will also be written.

The International Observatory on Exiting Violence is directed by Jean-Pierre Dozon, Yvon Le Bot and Michel Wieviorka. The Steering Committee currently comprises these three scientific directors, along with Hosham Dawod and Michel Foucher.

The members of the International Observatory on Ending Violence will work closely with the Observatory on Radicalisation and in collaboration with several academic chairs at the Collège d’Études Mondiales.

Platform seminar

A fortnightly seminar will present research from the Violence and Exiting Violence Platform. Find out more.