Violence and Exiting Violence Platform

Understanding and overcoming contemporary violence

Violence in all its forms has always been an object of study in the humanities and social sciences, but emergence from violence has not, despite the abundance of the literature. Both of these phenomena, which are distinct and yet tightly linked, are given a fresh look under the Violence and Exiting Violence platform.

The platform connects and places in perspective the various stages of violence, from entry (radicalization, arming, training, first violent action, etc.) to exit (transitional justice, demobilization, memory, traumatism, prevention, etc.), as well as its metamorphoses (mafia, organized crime, digital radicalization, etc.).

The platform consists of the Observatory of Radicalization and the Observatory of Exiting Violence. It connects some 300 researchers in an international and pluridisciplinary perspective.

The projects undertaken produce analyses for an academic readership and reports addressed to politicians, civil society stakeholders, the media and the general public, in order to link knowledge production more closely to action.

Michel Wieviorka is the General Director of this Platform, and Jean-Pierre Dozon is its Scientific Director. The Platform is coordinated by Sabrina Melenotte.

Observatory on Radicalisation

The Observatory of Radicalization studies the drivers of radicalization and extreme violence in various contexts (in Latin America, Africa and Asia), in their various forms and in their political and religious aspects, in order to make an eminently complex phenomenon intelligible without reducing it to radical Islamism.

International Observatory on Exiting Violence

The International Observatory of Exiting Violence seeks to structure a new field of research to produce both empirical and theoretical knowledge and to take a firmly comparative approach to studies and reports that are too often mismatched. It is also intended to host internationally recognized foreign scholars in order to set up a network and strengthen academic cooperation through research agreements.

Seminar: Violence and Exiting Violence

The annual seminar Violence and Exiting Violence, led by Michel Wieviorka, Jean-Pierre Dozon, Farhad Khosrokhavar and Yvon Le Bot, brings together every year 15-odd researchers working on topics relating to entry and emergence from violence.



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