Research, teaching and event productions

FMSH-Production is the most recent department of the Knowledge Dissemination section and is the Foundation’s in-house production unit. The aim is for it to become an audiovisual production hub capable of meeting the full range of researchers’ and lecturers’ needs: recording tuition seminars, interactive lectures with questions from the audience, live event broadcasting, interviews, clips, video modules for MOOCs (massive open online courses), etc.

Not only will the unit have the capacity to meet in-house demand, but it will also be able to solicit external demand for the production of resources for Canal-U: through partnerships with other Canal-U contributors, partnerships in the context of the Foundation’s higher education group (USPC CoMuE), international partnerships on research and teaching topics connected with the Foundation’s disciplines.

By extending its production work in this way, FMSH aims to contribute to the development and expansion of Canal-U as a fully-fledged open-access platform for the production of academic audiovisual resources.

In 2015, the unit produced 60 hours of audiovisual resources, which were added to Canal-U’s video on demand (VoD) catalogue.

Half of this output related to internal Foundation events and the other half was produced in the context of various partnerships, such as those with the Ministry of Higher Education and Quai Branly Museum.



Responsible: Anne-Claire Delaunay


Audiovisual media