Project development

Development and coordination for the European and ANR projects

Since 2010, the foundation has developed a package to meet the conditions of funding grants and fellowship avalaible in France, and more widely in Europe. That is how the foundation commits one of its purpose : gather research means and researchers with laboratories involved in programmes or research projects & national / european cooperations.

During 2015, the foundation coordinates several European and ANR projects: international mobility programs, research valorisation programs, strategic partnerships or research projects.

The projects led by the FMSH


The foundation coordinates the collaborative european project (FP7) CASCADE - Exploring the security - Democracy Nexus in the Caucasus since february 2014.


Co-financed by the European Erasmus + program, D-TRANSFORM is coordinated by the FMSH since September 2014.


Since 2015, the foundation is a partner of the EU and Eastern Partnership Countries project : An Inside-Out Analysis and Strategic Assessment, a project coordinated by the Freie Universität Berlin.

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Since 2013, the foundation is a partner of The Immigration of Romanian Roma to Western Europe : Causes, Effects, and Future Engagement Strategies, coordinated by the University of Manchester.