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At the end of August 2017, the Condorcet Campus set up a chronophotography system around the Aubervilliers building site, allowing us to see everyday the progress made. The construction  of the new campus began ant the end of 2016 and should be done at the begining of 2020.

The Condorcet Campus, City of Humanities and Social Sciences, will be one of Europe's leading centers for research and training in human and social sciences. At the moment when research is becoming more global, where the development of European and international programs is intensifying international competition, where current events bring together the expertise of human and social sciences, the Campus Condorcet will kit out the research in human and social science with efficient equipment, an international visibility, which will give it the means to assure its teachings, to develop its programmes, to value its achievements and thus increase its influence. It will ultimately welcome 18,000 people at two sites, Paris-La Chapelle and Aubervilliers.

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