from 22 to 23 May, 2017

ICDE Leadership Summit 2017

Second leadership school of the Project D-Transform

Before known as the ICDE Presidents’ Summit, now known as the ICDE Leadership Summit. ICDE invites for many types of leaders in education, particularly those who have an interest in learning and teaching in the digital age and learning analytics.The 2017 ICDE Leadership Summit hosted by LORIA at Université de Lorraine, will be held 22-23 May 2017 at Nancy, France. It’s is organised back to back with a one day Forum “Visionary Leadership for Digital Transformation”, taking place the day after the Summit at the UNESCO Head Quarters in Paris, organised by ICDE, UNESCO and the project D-Transform. These two combined events offer a rare opportunity to explore in depth the strategic main issues for higher education leaders setting course for quality teaching and learning in a time of digitalisation.


As higher education is transitioning including digital transformation, what capacities and competencies should educational leaders and management have and what topics should they concentrate on? In 2017, ICDE invites you to focus your attention on the impacts that adaptive learning and learning analytics have on your educational leadership role. Join your international peers at the 2017 ICDE Presidents’ Summit and shape the ongoing leadership discussion on how to oversee and develop systemic change at your institution through leveraging learning analytics. How can we build new platforms for improving teaching and learning and creating a responsive, adaptive and personalized, online educational system for all? Register for the 2017 ICDE Presidents’ Summit and gain expert insight, information and participate in knowledge exchange on:

-The main initiatives in the field of learning analytics deployment
-The impact of learning analytics and adaptive learning on the universities leadership
-The ethical, legal, economics and organizational issues to provide leaders with a set of recommendations
-Steppingstones to take the best of the new concepts, methodologies and technologies

Link to 2016 Presidents Summit
Link to the dTransform Leadership school website


The International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) is the leading global membership organization for open, distance, flexible and online education, including e-learning, and draws its membership from institutions, educational authorities, commercial actors and individuals.

-Enables change to technology enhanced quality education across the globe.
-Advocates for access, equity and quality learning through online, open and flexible learning.
-A dynamic platform for cooperation on innovation and development, featuring key regional actors and leading experts.
-Access to thousands of higher education institutions, networks and systems.
-A key partner for UNESCO.Part-funded by the Government of Norway.

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