A research library specialized in social and human sciences

The FMSH library is a specialist social science and humanities research library. It is continuing to pursue its international, interdisciplinary work and to keep abreast of major current research areas. The library has been involved in the Grand Équipement Documentaire (GED) project at Condorcet Campus since 2010 and is continuing to operate at the Avenue de France reading room while at the same time helping to develop the GED, which is due to open in 2019.

The Avenue de France reading room provides both a physical and a digital reception and work space, intended primarily for French and foreign academic users. The library also supports users with their research, through its training courses and document research services.


New tools to raise the Foundation’s profile

The Foundation’s library and archives are developing an increasingly visible presence.

  • inclusion in the European Archives Portal

Through their inclusion in the European Archives Portal ( fr/home), the Foundation’s archives will reach a wider audience beyond the organisation’s own channels.

  • document resource portal

The functional document portal currently under construction will streamline the online coordination of the library’s documentary resources and services. When it is completed, users will be able to go online to sign up for training courses and book rooms for group work, and it will be a further means of bringing the library’s documentary and research services to a wider audience. It is now in the final stages before rollout.


Digital offering

In order to keep up with new ways of working, the library has continued to focus on its digital offering. Two thirds of the library’s 2015 budget was spent on purchasing digital resources.


Training workshops

▶ a new workshop on documentary research methods

▶ Zotero workshops, providing 56 hours of training for 137 users

Documentary research services

▶ individual assistance: 170 hours of assistance on in-depth topics at the request of lecturers and postgraduate students.


The new document resource centre

The library’s collection will form a major contribution to the new document resource centre (Grand Équipement documentaire, or GED) at the Condorcet Campus, due to open in 2019. Together with around 50 other research-level bodies offering social science and humanities publications, it will create an outstanding collection housed in a unique new building designed by the winning entrant, architect Élisabeth de Portzamparc.

FMSH library staff are already supporting the project by working a certain number of hours per week as part of the GED preparatory team, in the ‘Archives’, ‘Services’, or ‘Change Support’ working groups.

They are also taking part in various projects, such as developing the future library’s document management policy or the information system for the project stages.

In 2019, many of the FMSH staff will work at the GED and our remaining staff will work in the experimental space devoted to digital forms of the scientific document, which will open in its initial format when the foundation returns to 54 Boulevard Raspail in April 2017.


An experimental space born digital

Some initial thoughts on uses of the space:

▶ a groupwork space – for group projects that need to use ‘very large research infrastructures’;

▶ an events space designed around scientific books;

▶ a publications advice space, providing access to additional services (proofreading of research work, interactive bookshop advice, to get information about and buy commercial scientific documents, etc.);

▶ a forum: to provide a reception and guidance service.