Research program Franco-German "Changing Societies"

Franco-German project with the Berlin Social Science Centre

New assessment frameworks and assessment of key social changes

Launched on 1st June 2016 with the workshop "Changing Societies: The World We Live In", the Berlin Social Science Centre (WZB) and the Collège d’études mondiales are collaborating on a research programme on new assessment frameworks and on the assessment of key social changes.

The goal of this Franco-German research project is to bolster interdisciplinary collaboration between the French and German human and social sciences.

To examine and assess the various aspects of economic, social and environmental changes, the following key questions need to be addressed:

1.      What are the fundamental social, economic and environmental changes of our era?

2.      How can these be modelled in an adequate and measured way, but also over time to enable a comparison? In terms of the development of the economy, labour and employment, how can we measure, for example, the changes to the individual and the impact of social welfare via gradual digitisation, the links between work life and personal life, the relationship between paid work and unpaid work (etc.)?

Using different disciplines, such as history, sociology, economics, politics, law, philosophy, literature, anthropology, mathematics and statistics, the scientific project studies the following topics:

•    "le besoin de nouveaux critères et indicateurs d'évaluation" (the need for new assessment criteria and indicators)

•    "le changement de l'évaluation économique et des discours réglementaires" (changes in economic assessment and regulatory discourse)

•    "les bases normatives de nouvelles normes et de nouveaux cadres d'évaluation" (the normative basis of new standards and new assessment frameworks)


Residencies ranging from one to six months are held in Germany or France.

Application documents for residencies can be found here: 

Appel séjours de recherche (francais)
Formulaire séjours de recherche (francais)

Ausschreibung Gastaufenthalte (deutsch)
Bewerbungsformular Gastaufenthalte (deutsch)

Contact :
Lisa Crinon
Project Coordinator
“Changing Socieies”
WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Reichpietschufer 50
D - 10785 Berlin
Tel.: +49(30) 25491-384