07 March 2017

A practical reason for the web

Maurizio Ferraris's Conference on the 7 of March at Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian

The technique is not the alienation of an otherwise perfect humanity. It is the revelation of a highly imperfect humanity, a monkey which is not only naked but also dumb in the etymological sense: in-baculum, without a stick and who needs necessarily an extension of the hand, a supplementary technique and in this sense the absolute stick of today is called the "smartphone".

This stick acts in several ways, initially by empowerment: Did you receive my message?, I know you received it (especially if you use WhatsApp), everything is registered, you must answer me, otherwise it is as if you have ignored me. Is this the fault of the web? No. The web never makes promises, it is humans who do. And we don’t joke with the web, as much as we don't joke with fire and cars. Only, with fire and cars we have more experience, we created firepersons and the Highway Code. There is nothing, or very little for the web at present. And this is what we urgently need: one practical reason for the web.

Maurizo Ferraris


Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian | 39 Boulevard de La Tour-Maubourg | 75007 Paris

7 of March 2017 | 19h00

Registration required: 01 53 85 93 93 or here

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