Valentina Dal Cin

Laureate of the Atlas Programme 

Stay in France: from  October 2 to December 29, 2017

Valentina Dal Cin is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Italian Institute for Historical Studies in Naples and assistant to the Chair of Modern History at the Ca 'Foscari University in Venice. His training in history at Ca 'Foscari (Bachelor's Degree 2008, Master's Degree 2011) was accompanied by different international experiences (Université Paris-Sorbonne 2007-08, ENS 2010). In 2015 she defended her doctoral thesis on the Venetian elites in the Napoleonic era at the University of Verona. In 2016 she passed an intensive master in digital humanities as a beneficiary of a scholarship Samsung Electronics Italia Spa. Since 2017 she is a full professor of history and philosophy in secondary school.

Research Project

From the supplication to the curriculum vitae: the Italian elites facing the Napoleonic administration

Located at the intersection of social history, cultural history and the history of institutions, this project aims to analyze the relationship between the Napoleonic administrations and local elites through a source hitherto underestimated: the spontaneous application to a place in the peripheral administration. The comparison between the three institutional contexts in which the French influence in the Italian peninsula - the Kingdom of Italy, the Kingdom of Naples, and the departments united - was expressed, will allow us to return to the questions of rallying and amalgamation. Through the rhetoric of the candidatures, which can range from the exhibition of the suffering typical of the supplication of the Ancien Régime to the development of professional skills in a proto-curriculum vitae, we can examine the impact of Napoleonic period in Italy in terms of change and persistence.

As for the sources, the research is based on the funds of the State Archives of Milan and Naples and on the funds of the National Archives of Paris. At the methodological level, the project aims to combine a qualitative analysis with a quantitative analysis, thus exploring the potential of software for processing textual data.


History; society ; administration; elites; French Revolution ; the Napoleonic Empire; digital humanities; didactics of history

Recent Publications

  • « Dénoncer la corruption dans les transitions politiques : le nord de l’Italie de Napoléon aux Habsbourg », dans C. Mattina, F. Monier, O. Dard, J. I. Engels (dir.), Dénonciations et dénonciateurs de la corruption, Paris, Demopolis (en cours de publication).
  • « Centralisation et fédéralisme entre modernité et héritage: Français et Autrichiens en Vénétie et à Venise (1797-1815) », dans M. Biard, J.-N. Ducange, J.-Y. Frétigné (dir.), Centralisation et fédéralisme de la Révolution française à nos jours (en cours de publication).
  • « Venetian élite reactions to the 100 Days: news circulation and political commentaries », dans K. Astbury, M. Philp (dir.), Napoleon’s 100 Days: Popular Reaction and State Responses, Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.
  • « Presentarsi e autorappresentarsi di fronte a un potere che cambia: l’élite della Repubblica dopo la Repubblica », Società e storia, n. 155, 2017.
  • « Une émigration composite? Les français dans la République de Venise: communauté, relations, opportunités », working paper (site du Laboratoire LUHCIE, Université Grenobles Alpes) 2016.
  • « Poteri informali in un’epoca di transizione: le reti sociali dell’élite veneta in età napoleonica (1806-1814) », Ateneo Veneto, CCII, s. III, n. 14/II, 2015.