Sarah Brauner-Otto

Invited Researcher of DEA Programme
Stay in France: 4 September - 14 Otober, 2017


Dr. Brauner-Otto is a social demographer studying global family change with a focus on the relationship between social context (e.g. schools, community organizations) and demographic behaviors over the life course. After receiving a master’s degree in Social Work and a PhD in sociology from the University of Michigan Dr. Brauner-Otto was a post-doctoral fellow at the Carolina Population Center, University of North-Carolina-Chapel Hill. In 2009 she became an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Mississippi State University. Since 2013 she has been at McGill University where she is currently an Associate Professor of Sociology.

Title of the project

Demography, Family Sociology, Fertility, Macro-Micro Linkages, Population & Environment

Selected publications

Brauner-Otto, Sarah R. and Axinn, William G. 2017. “Natural resource collection and desired family size: A longitudinal test of environment-population theories.” Population and Environment 38(4): 381-406. DOI 10.1007/s11111-016-0267-6

Geist, Claudia and Sarah R. Brauner-Otto. 2017. “Constrained Intentions: Individual Economic Resources, Regional Context, and Fertility Expectations in Germany.” Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World 3:1-17. DOI 10.1177/2378023116685334

Rindfuss, Ronald R., Minja Kim Choe, and Sarah R. Brauner-Otto. 2016. “The Emergence of Two Distinct Fertility Regimes in Economically Advanced Countries” Population Research and Policy Review 35(3): 287-304. DOI 10.1007/s11113-016-9387-z

Clark, Shelley and Sarah R. Brauner-Otto. 2015. “Divorce in Sub-Saharan Africa:  Are Unions Becoming Less Stable?” Population and Development Review 41(4): 583-605.

Brauner-Otto, Sarah R. 2012. “Schools, Their Spatial Distribution and Characteristics, and Fertility Limitation.” Rural Sociology 77(3): 321-354. (PMID: 23162168)

Brauner-Otto, Sarah R., Jennifer Yarger, and Joyce Abma. 2012. “Does it Matter How You Ask? Question Wording and Males’ Reporting of Contraceptive Use at Last Sex.” Social Science Research 41(5): 1028-1036. (PMID: 23017915)

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