Carlos Franklin

Artist of the project


Colombian born, Carlos Franklin is a visual artist. He completed Fine Arts at the Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia and the master in Audivisual Arts at Le Fresnoy - Studio nationale des arts contemporains, in France.

Carlos Franklin uses recurrently video, installation and drawing to undertake his projects. He has also collaborated with musicians to create operas and audiovisual performances. Carlos Franklin works from the archive and from a perspective of language: what establishes and legitimates the limits of the artistic practice. He has participated in multiple international art events like: Imminent Sounds (Taipei Fine Arts Museum 2013), Digital Life (MACRO/ Testaccio - Italy, 2013), Festival d’Aix en Provence (France, 2011), Electronics Alive (Tampa – USA 2011), Normandie Impressionniste (Rouen, France 2010), RSB Boursary Awards (London, UK 2010), Dans la nuit des images (Grand Palais - Paris, 2008), Agora Festival (Ircam – Pompidou Centre, Paris, 2008, 2009 et 2010), The Napkin Boys (CCF- Alliance Française, Indonesia, 2010), etc. He also curated the exhibitoin Géométries Virtuelles (Institut Français, Cambodia, 2009).


Les Petits secrets des grand tableaux, saisons 1 et 2. 2014-2016
Mohaït moua moutaraza, 2012
Sand-graphs, 2011
Les Éphémères, 2011
Kep, 2011
Ignition, 2008
Document 2 : Translations, 2008
Document 1 : still frames, 2008
Le bon Français mal parlé, 2006-2007
Almost hi-fi, 2006
Cuisine à la française, 2005
40% volume d’alcool, 2005
Possessión extraterrestre, 2000
Qué va ! 1998

Audiovisual performances

Mikhaïl et Mikhaïl playing chess, 2013-2014
4 scènes noires, 2009
Mutations of matters, 2008


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