Donations and Awards

Support SHS research and contribute to its diffusion

For 50 years, Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme has held a unique position in the social and human sciences (SHS) research landscape, in France and abroad. The Foundation is recognised as a prestigious institution at the service of SHS research. Its missions, resolutely international and multidisciplinary, benefit the entire SHS community and make an effective and unique contribution to France’s scientific, intellectual, and cultural renown, while boosting its attractiveness.

Through its efforts, FMSH enables scientists from various institutions and backgrounds to work together on innovative projects covering the full scope of SHS. The Foundation brings together resources for researchers. It provides them with a research library, a residence in the heart of the Latin Quarter (Maison Suger), IT and logistical resources, a project engineering cell, as well as services to diffuse their research (via a publishing service, online bookstore, audiovisual archives, scientific events, etc.).

By forming a partnership  with FMSH, you help it continue its mission, thus:

  • Bolstering the position of French research on the international stage.
  • Increasing the number of scientific exchanges, both outgoing (i.e. French researchers going abroad) and incoming (i.e. junior or senior foreign researchers coming to France).
  • Helping young researchers start their careers.

Your support is essential to expanding knowledge and helping educate responsible citizens.

You can make a donation or a legacy gift to Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme. Gifts may be either financial or in kind (e.g. a library or archives). Some funds are used to give prizes and other awards, either annually or once every two years.