Diffusing Knowledge

FMSH is involved in diffusing knowledge via its library, publishing service, and diffusion service.

  • Library

    Reading room in the Le France building

    The library’s multilingual, multimedia collection was built up in keeping with the spirit of the Foundation’s creation: to accompany innovative research. The current documentary policy continues to follow the major trends in SHS research.

    More on the Library.

  • Publisher

    Publications of Éditions de la Maison des Sciences de l'Homme during the Des Livres en Débat event, June 2013

    Editions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme

    With nearly 2,000 books, 18 collections, 18 journals (of which 14 available online), this publishing service expresses the scientific policy of Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme – recognised for its public utility. This policy of openness is supported by FMSH’s status and its missions, which make it a venue ever more favourable to scientific encounters and exchange, between different countries, cultures, institutions, and disciplines.

  • FMSH-Diffusion

    Le Comptoir des Presses | 86 rue Claude Bernard | Paris 5e

    FMSH-Diffusion is a service of the Foundation dedicated to diffusing and distributing SHS scientific books and journals published by university presses. It has three branches, two of which (CID and SLU) are targeted for bookstores, and one dedicated to retail customers:

    CID (the Interinstitutional Centre for Diffusion) is dedicated to distributing SHS research books and journals to bookstores
    Contacts: for publishers, Michel Zumkir (tel. +33 1 53 48 56 01); for clients, switchboard (tel. +33 1 53 48 56 30)

    SLU (the University Book Service), specialised in the distribution of rare publications.
    Contacts: for publishers, Michel Zumkir (tel. +33 1 53 48 56 01); for clients, switchboard (tel. +33 1 53 48 56 30)

    Le Comptoir des Presses d'Universités, an online bookstore, which makes the Foundation’s publications available via its website (, along with publications from around 50 university presses. It has the infrastructure required to fill orders rapidly: within 24 hours, except for weekends and holidays;

    Le Comptoir des Presses, a bookstore and venue for scientific events (located in Rue Claude Bernard, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris). It stocks 6,000 titles in 45 m², including the latest releases of university presses, as well as a selection of books and journals. It frequently organises “Entretiens du Comptoir des Presses”: meetings with authors and researchers, as well as conferences.